What is JADS?

The Jamaica Anti-Discrimination System for HIV (JADS) is a national system that collects cases of HIV-related discrimination and refers them to the appropriate entities for redress. Submitting cases to the JADS can result in:

  • Receive an Apology
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Go to court
  • The problem fixed
  • Report to Police
  • Referral for counseling or social assistance
  • Sensitization session with alleged offended and/or community
  • No Action (I just want to report the incident)

HIV-related Discrimination

Examples of discrimination experienced by persons living with HIV includes:

  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Denied employment
  • Harassment/verbal abuse
  • Denied access to healthcare
  • Forced to leave home/community
  • Physical violence

Why is JADS important?

  • Plays an important role in reducing stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV, and gender-based-violence
  • Advocates for person’s human rights
  • Connects individuals with redress options

Why do cases need to be reported?

  • To empower people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • To evaluate laws & institutions (identify gaps for law revision & institutional changes)
  • To increase accountability
  • To measure the effectiveness of strategies & initiatives, and design new ones